Common questions and answers.


A1. Please browse our package page and select a package by clicking the Add to Cart button. After making your choices, you can then proceed to check out by either clicking View Your Cart button which eventually brings you to a page where you can fill in the order form. Every order will be processed and it is finalised with a payment confirmation either sent manually or automatically generated by our online payment system.

A2. You can either make your payment online or by manual method via Cash Deposit Machine or Bank Transfer. For online method, you have the option to pay by cards or via online banking. We use BillPlz payment system so that you can perform your online transaction securely and fast. You will get a notification from BillPlz once your payment is successful. For manual payment, you can pay with your method of preference with our bank details available from the receipt in the last step of the ordering process.

Flyer Advertising

A1. Each package serves different needs of your business based on the number of copies that we will distribute and how far you want your business gets noticed. We offer colored flyers and flyers printed black & white. Every package will be distributed up to 10km away from your business address.

A2. We print two types of flyer whose size are Standard (8.5 x 11 in) and Half Sheet (5.5 x 8.5 in).

A3. We have a regional team dedicated to deliver every pieces of flyer door-to-door either to domestic or business premises. We value every piece by sending only to real person because our customers like you pay for the service to deliver your ad directly to your prospective customers.

A4. Basically, conventional marketing like flyer distribution is still relevant and effective to get your business noticed by locals. It does not need you to pay more money as compared to online marketing which costs you more to get your ads delivered to the right target audience. From the feedbacks we gathered from our customers, positive results may start to yield in the third week. However, it depends on many factos like your product demand, competetive pricing, product quality, customer service that you offer, etc. Our responsibility is to make sure that your ads get delivered to the your audience with accurate, attractive and distinctive copywriting.

A5. Our standard operation requires the first 7 days for mockup designing to your specifications after you placed an order with us. It is followed by printing and distribution. The distribution will take another 21 days and it will be distributed in stages until completion depending on your chosen radius.

A6. Flyer distribution will be carried out within the package range from the origin of your address where it is distributed door-to-door in stages and randomly to addresses of domestic areas, business premises, etc. For each flyer package, default distribution radius is 10km away.

A7. We only offer flyer advertising campaign whose each package is inclusive of all services which includes designing, printing and distribution for free. We do not provide indivual designing/printing service for flyers.

A8. Yes. You can use your own design if you wish. Please send your design file, preferably in AI format with standard settings for high resolution printing to us once you have placed your order. Kindly include your Order ID for our reference.

A9. No! We will help you with the copywriting parts of your flyer campaign. You only need to provide us necessary details about your ad. We will get in touch with you once we have received a confirmation of your order.

A10. No! You can hire us to advertise almost anything (that is legal). From lost cats to house buyer prospects, everything is possible.

A11. Sorry. We are unable to send you the design file as it is not included in the package. Each package is offered only our service of getting your ad delivered to the local audience in the form of flyers. Designing and printing service is inclusive free of charge.

A12. You may check your order status with the Order ID via Check Your Order/Status link available on our website. From the status dialog, you can view the progress of the distribution whose number of copies of distributed and the distance covered are updated.

A13. By default, each flyer distribution package will get 10km radius of distribution area. The bigger the radius is, the wider your potential to get more prospective customers who may be interested in your ad.

A14. You can place a custom order by choosing your preferred number of copies of flyers that your business needs and also the distance that you want them delivered to via our Custom Order Flyer in the packages page. For custom flyer order, we will only use flyers with colored design.

Website Branding

A1. Every package comes with three main packages which will be designed according to your business specifications. You can provide further information on your business as well as a marketing content on products or services that your business offers. Basically, these pages are suitable to be included as your website's main pages:-
1). About Us.
2). Contact Us. (A form that sends message to your business e-mail).
3). Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ).

A2. It is unlimited! We do not put a limitation for you to upload products into your own website. You can include as many products as you wish without any restriction.

A3. Shopping Cart is a standard system that will be included in your website to store temporarily the products that your customers selected from your product page before they proceed to checkout. It is in this page that your customers can update the number of quantity, calculate shipping costs, etc so that they will be able to make an informed decision before they place an order with you.

A4. Our checkout system works simply by making the process of purchasing as simple as possible to retain the customer interest while they are performing the transaction. A customer does not need to create an account to place an order. They just need to provide details for order processing such as Name, E-mail address, Phone number, and/or Address for delivery. Your customer then can proceed by confirming the order with payment.

A5. Your customers will have options to pay with their cards (debit/credit) or by performing online banking (via FPX). We use a robust payment platform provided by BillPlz. For this purpose, we encourage that you sign up for an account with them so that we can set the online payment system in your website. To open an account with BillPlz, please click here: https://www.billplz.com. You can also do this later after you placed an order with us and we will get in touch with you to assist you with the process of creating an account with BillPlz.

A6. If you already created an account with BillPlz, all you need to do is to choose Yes for the website's package setting while you complete the order form. We will get in touch with you once you have received your confirmed order.

A7. SEO is a shorthand for Search Engine Optimization. This means that we will give you a copywriting service for your website contents so that it follows the good standards to help your website rank better in Google Search Ranking. This gives your business a greater chance to get discovered by prospective clients when they make a Google search.

A8. Yes you do! The domain name can be thought of as an address for your customers to access your website. It is like when you visit our website, you would simply type iklanflyer.com, and our website will be displayed in your browser.

A9. You do not need to buy a domain when you subscribe a website package with us. We will give it to you for FREE for a year.

A10. You do not have to worry about technical stuff. Let us handle for you. Our team will make necessary settings so that your website can be accessed with the chosen domain name. You only need to search for a domain name that reflects your business during checkout and we will take care the rest for you.

A11. For the second year onwards, you will need to make a yearly payment of RM80/year.

A12. Simply let us know your domain name in the checkout and we will get it configured for you. We will get in touch with you for the necessary inputs for the setups.

A13. SSL stands for Secured Sockets layer and it is a web technology that protects your website's visitors while making informational or financial transaction between your website and the hosting server. This is an important aspect of running a website so that every information is protected by encryption before it is sent to or received from the server.

A14. Simply put, it is highly recommended! It is especially important when your customers exchange sensitive information from your website to the server. The personal information (Name, Phone no, E-mail, Address) are protected by sophisticated encryption technology while your customer are placing an order from your website. With SSL put in place, your website will display a gren lock logo in the browser's URL address bar (if clicked, it should display "Connection is secure") and this gives an assurance to your customers for a safe transaction with your website i.e placing an order.

A15. For the second year onwards, you will need to make a yearly payment of RM120/year.

A16. Hosting server is required to store the files that make up a website so that it will be available when your website needs to be viewed when a user types in your domain name from a browser. This server also serves as a place to store your customers' data, records of orders etc. Think of it as your computer but publicly accessible by public. It needs to be available 24 hours so that your customers can always access your website anytime.

A17. No. You do not have to do the technical stuff as our website package includes everything from a to z. Think of us as your technical team and we will make sure your website is publicly available for your customers through its domain name.

A18. Yes. Hosting server is like a personal computer and you can access your business files such as customer data and website settings like product lists, web contents, etc. You will be given access to the hosting server via your own FTP account so that you can download these data to your computer.

A19. Sorry, however this is not possible but you are allowed to access and download your business data.

A20. We have a team of skillful web developers and designers that are always ready to assist should you need to upgrade your website. Contact us to get a free consultation. Development cost usually depends on the module that you need to upgrade.

A21. You will be given instrucstions on how to download an application to use on your mobile phone so that you can start connecting with your customers via Live Chat. You can also handle Live Chat via desktop.

A22. Web Analytics is an online software that helps you analyze on your web visitors. From this data collection, you can learn who your website's visitors are and where they come from and also their behavior through various analysis that are made available. This feature will be very helpful to make your marketing strategy more effective.

A23. We will make the script installation on your website for you. We will give you instructions on how to download a mobile application so you can view the collected data. Analysis can also be made via a web interface and is accessible via desktop too.