We believe that flyer advertising still has an impact on businesses' marketing strategy.

With simple yet attractive design and crystal-clear copywriting, flyer advertising can help market your business to more local audience at a greater success rate.

Brand Awareness

Distribute your business brand to the public and reach more potential customers.

Local Audience

Get new customers in your area. We provide a door-to-door flyer distribution up to 50km away.

Easily Preferred

Flyers are often preferred by potential customers because they are easy to keep and easy to remember.

Sales Increase

In addition to digital marketing, flyer advertising also increases sales because it is guaranteed to reach only potential customers for your business.

How does our flyer advertising campaign help your business?
• • •

Focused on copywriting and good design practice.

Our design team knows best when it comes to creating fully attractive flyers with the right contents. Our flyers are well designed not only to attract people but to help them start making their first call to action to get to your business.

One Flyer equals to One Real Person.

Our dedicated distribution team is available throughout major cities to help market your business by distributing flyers to only real person. We believe that every printed flyer deserves a real person, not metal inboxes or getting slipped under windshields.

Greater success rate.

Our team is both excellent at designing and delivering flyers to the right market suitable to your business type. Our guarantee is that you could get at least 30% leads or you will get another campaign run at no additional costs.

Design - Printing - Distribution

• • •

We take care of everything!

You do not need to worry to design or print your flyers as we have a skillful and creative team to handle everything for you. Our distribution team is also dedicated to deliver your flyers door-to-door so that they reach only to potential customers for your business.

All you need to do is to choose a package that is suitable to your business needs!

What can you include in your flyer advertising?

• • •

Advertise products

Not limited to products, you can also advertise almost anything like your services, new shop location, warehouse sales, etc.

Run a promotion

Let your potential customers know that your shop runs a big promo. You can include a coupon code* or simply display a discount offer in your flyer.

Share your location

Share your business location with either map or coordinate to make it convenient for your customers to find your premise.

Suitable to include this feature if you have a website with a promotion running and it supports coupon code redemption. If you still do not have a website, we are always happy to help you build one for your business.